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Born in Naples in 1974, studied at Liceo Artistico of Naples and in 1999 graduated at Academy of Fine Art of Carrara. During the studies she worked in Carrara sculpture studios, where she learnt the techniques of carving marble. Has attended in several international sculpture events realizing many public works all over the world. Currently she lives and works in Carrara


Israel - Netivot International Sculpture Symposium
Israel - Nof Hagalil International Sculpture Symposium
Italy - 26th edition Scultura Viva, San Benedetto del tronto, MAM Sea museum

Morocco - 7th Marrakech International Sculpture Symposium


China - 2nd Minqin Desert International Sculpture Symposium

Belgium - "Van Steen tot Beeld" 1st Waregem Int. Sculpture Symposium


Chile - 5° Int Sculpture Symposium Arte Nuestros Parques 

China - Weifang Urban Sculpture Competition

France - Beziers Int Sculpture Symposium Domaine de Bayssan

Spain - Almazan Int Sculpture Symposium

Italy - “Start ‘18” Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Palazzo D’Avalos (CH)


China  - "the Belt and Road" Qingdao Sculpture Gallery

Turkey - 3rd Manavgat International Sculpture Symposium

Turkey - Besiktas International Sculpture Symposium, Istanbul


Italy      - 13^ ed. Scolpire in Piazza, Paratico

Taiwan  -  International Sculpture Symposium Chiayi County

Italy      - Exhibition In Authority Port of Carrara


Luxemburg  -  Carrara 9 - le beau nous fait du bien - espace H2O


Italy   - "Scultura Viva" 16th edition, San Benedetto del Tronto


Taiwan     - “BenQ International Sculpture Creation Workshop”

Turkey      - 2nd Luleburgaz International Sculpture Symposium

Japan       -   Miyazaki Airport Sculpture Exhibition


Taiwan    -   “Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival”

Taiwan     - “Zero Time” group exhibition, Hualien Sculpture Museum
Italy         - “Scolpire in Piazza” 10th edition, S.Ippolito (PU)


Kingdom of Bahrain   -  1st Muharrq International Sculpture Symposium
Cyprus      -    "1st International Sculpture Symposium of Kato Polemidia" Limassol

Italy         - “Contaminazioni: Pietra – Emozione” Ugo Guidi Museum, Forte dei Marmi


China     -    "2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Designs Contest" travelling exhibitions of the sculpture models for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. “Excellent Works Award”


Brazil       -    "VII International Sculpture Symposium" Brusque - Santa Caterina
Australia   -    "International Sculpture Symposium - Cotton Tree" Sunshine Coast QLD


Kuwait     -   "1st Kuwait International Sculpture Symposium" Kuwait Arts Association

Italy        -    "Torano notte e giorno" international outdoor exhibition, Carrara
Italy        -   "VII Biennale di Scultura"  Ittiri (SS)

Germany  -    "Small Monument" Gallery MK21, Hamburg, group exhibition
Italy        -   "La Scultura in Rosso" 4th international sculpture symposium,Verzegnis (UD)
Italy        -   "16° Simposio Internazionale su pietra trachite"  Fordongianus (OR)
Italy        -   "9° Simposio Internazionale su pietre del Friuli Venezia Giulia"  Reana del Rojale (UD)


China           -    "2nd Beijing International Art Biennale"  China Millennium Monument, Beijing

Australia      -    "Sculpture by the sea - Cottesloe" Cottesloe Beach, Perth, WA
Australia      -    "Sculpture inside" International indoor exhibiton, Surf Life Saving Club, Perth, WA

Italy             -    "III^ Esposizione d'Arte Contemporanea"  Postart gallery, Milan


Australia -    "Sculpture by the sea - Bondi" international outdoor sculpture exhibition on Bondi to Tamarama costal walk , Sydney, NSW
Italy       -   "Simposio di scultura Hic et Nunc"  Fossacesia (CH)
Germany -   "Simposio di Wilhelmshaven" Wilhelmshaven
Italy       -   "7^ Edizione Scultura d'arredo"  Carrara


Belgium  -  "Een Leiedorp vol Beelden" outdoor exhibition of italian and Belgian sculptors, Ooidonk Kastel, Gent
Italy    -   "2° Simposio di Capo d' Orlando" Capo d'Orlando (ME)
Italy    -   "Carrara Città laboratorio - 15° Simposio Internazionale di Carrara"
Italy    -   "17° Simposio Internazionale di Fanano" Fanano (MO)

Italy    -    "Arte in Agorà" outdoor sculpture exhibition, Comparto Corassori, Modena


Italy  -  "Forma-l-mente" Solo exhibition  "Città della Scienza" for the event "Futuro Remoto 2000", Naples


Italy  -   "Scolpire in piazza" 2nd international sculpture symposium, S. Ippolito (PU)


Italy  -   "11° Simposio Internazionale di Teulada"  Teulada (CA)


France  -  "6° Simposio Internazionale di Montbrison" jury's 2nd prize, Montbrison

In 1999 for the 1st international festival of "arts on the road"  "Napoli Strit Festival" she realized a sculpture in Vesuvio’s volcanic stone for Naples city.


​2014 - Finalist in contest of italian government for public monument dedicated to Italian Space Agency in Rome, andfor italian Coast Guard in Livorno.


"Bloom" - limestone - Netivot, Israel
"Passage" - limestone - Nof Hagalil, Israel
"Restiamo uniti", MAM Museo del Mare, Molo Sud San Benedetto del Tronto
"Passage" Carrara marble, Casablanca Morocco

"A look to the Horizon" Stainless Steel, 15 mt - Minqin Desert Sculpture Park, China

"Legami" Belgian Blue Stone - Waregem, Belgium

"Passage" Travertine - Santiago del Chile

"Floraison dans l'eau" Saint Pons marble - Domaine the Bayssan, Beziers, France

"The Village" - Marquina Marble - Almazan, Spain

"Baglar - Stay United" - Besiktas Istanbul, Turkey

"Passage" -  Manavgat, Turkey

"Sirena del Lago" - sandstone  -  Paratico (Bs) Italy

"Points of View" - marble Chaiyi County Taiwan

“Legami” marble - Taiwan

“Ikilem” marble – Luleburgaz, Turkey

“Breeze” marble – East Coast, Hualien County Taiwan

“Borgo” limestone – Comune di Monteporzio (PU)

"Duality" Oman marble - Muharraq , Kingdom of Bahrain

“When the roses bloom” Limestone - Kato Polemidia, Cyprus

“Brisa” Brazilian marble - Brusque Sculpture Park, SC Brazil

“Dreamtime” Chillagoe marble - Maroochydore, QLD Australia

“Atmosphere” Oman marble - Al Kuwait

“Dove crescono le rose selvatiche” Red marble and stone - Cividale (UD)

“Memorie dal mare” Trachite sarda - Fordongianus (OR)

“Linea Gotica” Sculpture for peace, Sandstone and Statuario marble - Parco degli Emigranti, Riolunato (MO) Italy

“L'infanzia e la gioia” Carrara marble - three sculptures for a primary and secondary school in Carrara, Italy

“Danza al chiaro di luna” Sandstone and marble - Wilhelmshaven, Germany




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